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2017-2020 IJF Refereeing Rule Addendum October 2017

2017-2020 IJF Refereeing Rules Explanation by Neil Adams

The Rules of Judo (NEW 2017 rules) EXPLAINED!

2018 Sergeants Major’s “JUDO” JONES DAY Open Judo Championships February 24, 2018



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2018 Patriotic Tribute (30th June)


Get your Luminary, make your Donation, and plan to attend! Even if you can't make it personally, we can still accept your Luminary! If you do not know a Veteran personally, you are welcome and encouraged to make a Donation to Honor Veterans.


2017 Faye Allen Memorial Kata Championships & Clinic

This was the bowing out line up of today's (Saturday, September 23, 2017) Faye Allen Memorial Kata Competition & Clinic hosted by D.C. Judo and overseen by Edwin Takemori, Karen Whilden, and Fran Val Teachers.  If I misspelled any names, MEA CULPA!
Maisha, my Service Dog, Love Eyes, and I were extremely late due to a blown tire that was hard to replace. However, the part that we witnessed exemplified what "REAL JUDO" is all about - "WAZA" (Technique), pure and simple, and expertly taught and demonstrated Karl Tamai, Diane Tamai Jackson, Dr. Lisa Capriotti, Rob Gouthro.  Simply stated - BEAUTIFUL!
Brava & Bravo one and all!


Beltsville Open Judo Championships, September 16, 2017


 At the Beltsville Open Judo Championships, Coach James E. Krueger of MOJJJO: Mayfield's Martial Arts (MMA) Academy receives the Silver Trophy from Mr. Kevin Tamai Sensei, under the watchful eye of Coach Krueger's former Middle School Teacher and Sensei of the school's JUDO CLUB, Mrs. D. M. "Maisha" Mayfield.
Maisha presently serves as Head Female Instructor (Joshibu), Chief Finance & Operations Officer, and on the MOJJJO: MMA Academy Quality Assurance Team at the MOJJJO: MMA Academy.
The Mayfields and MOJJJO says, "THANK YOU", to The Tamai Family on behalf of our Judo Family & Friends and for some really great judo competitions.
For all that your Family has done, are doing, and certainly will do to "GROW JUDO" in the USA, you will be Blessed abundantly!  Call upon MOJJJO 24/7 if you want and/or need our help.